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  • The first system of indicate the winner of the race was running with the arrived pigeon to the club officials, If you came first, the pigeon won the race, the pigeon was bringing in a victory basket


The desk with race officials, in the green circle you can see a human clock, he is the official who registrate the arrival time of the pigeon at his desk, we see also a pigeon, probably the winning pigeon of this race in 1885 organized by the "Duivenmaatschappij 'De Vereenigde Vrienden" from Drongen (near Ghent)


  • The second system was comparabel of the first but in those times the officials noted the time from a pocket watch when the pigeon was showed


  • The third system is comparabel of the 2nd with the difference that there where positioning coordinates it was possible to calculate the distance between release point and loft, in combination with the liberating time and arrival time the officials where able to calculate an average speed, the pigeon with the highest average speed won the race


  • The fourth system is comparabel of the third with the progress that a hard runner could win the race trough run very fast to the officials, from now on the distance to the officials where also calculated and they gave a maximum seconds/meter for exemple 1s per 6meter


  • Later on the pigeon clocks became automatic
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