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 The first Belgian federation rings where produced in the year of 1910 for using and ringing pigeons born in 1911. From  jan. 1923 the Belgian racers where obligated using rings from the Belgian Pigeon Federation, the club rings where officially dawngraded to derby-rings. The rings where made in different hights and a small difference in diameter till 1955. For 1956 we saw a kind of plastic on top of the ring, this was not a succes and the ring was in 1957 and 1958 again only from aluminum. For 1959 we see plastic and it was a succes from 1959 until present day we have plastic on top of the rings, since 1976 the rings got a paper between the aluminum and plastic with the ringnumber. Only for the year 2009 the rings where made from 100% plastic.


(K)BDB - (R)FCB rings

FC Belge, FC Belg, Belge, Belg, BE

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